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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


there is enchantment right in front of you, waiting for you to notice........

Space.......  holy cow what a tough word to capture in a photograph!!!!  When I think of space I don't think of NASA kinda space....  I think of wide open space....  uncluttered space....  and the breathtaking beauty of something much larger than me.... ironically, space is also the thing that we seem to ignore the most in our lives....  it seems that folks these days have lost all sense of space....  personal space.... yep....  folks have really lost touch with that one!!!  :)  people seem to think that my space belongs to them too....  never stopping to think that ya can't just TAKE someone else's space and expect them to be all warm and fuzzy about it!!!!  I really think that peoples inability to recognize the need for space causes them to miss soooo much of the beauty this world has to offer....  every single day we are blessed with the beautiful creation of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets....  they fill that wide open space of a sky with colors that truly cannot be reproduced in a photograph or a painting.... but most of us are too busy with the meaningless nonsense that we fill our daily lives with to notice....  we never make room for the beautiful space that God creates for us EVERYDAY!!!!  We never pause to notice the sparkle of sunshine reflecting on rolling green hills.... or the whisper of the wind blowing through the trees....  we never make space in our lives for silence either....  WHY???  are we afraid of silence???  afraid that if we don't fill our space with THINGS and NOISE that we might have to take a real look at our lives???  that we might just discover that our lives are filled with clutter and nonsense....  that our "full" lives are really quite empty....  void of real meaning....  clarity....  purpose....  yep.... we might just notice that there is something out there that is soooooo much bigger than us!!!  This year I have really been working on simplifying my life....  getting rid of the clutter of THINGS that rob me of what is most precious.... my TIME!!!  And in doing this, I have gotten a glimpse of how important space really is....  and I'm not just talkin about closet space.... heeheehee!!!  I'm talking about the space in my head....  yep.... with simplicity comes space....  and with space comes clarity!!!!  I have become increasingly aware of the importance of the REALLY BIG little things!!!  Like this A-MAZING sunset....  breathtakingly beautiful....  so vast and majestic that you could almost hear the sun as it appeared to sink into the ocean....  a sight that I will remember FOREVER.... and one that I could easily have been too "busy" to notice!!!  HOLY COW!!!!  I'm sure glad I didn't miss this one and I'm EXTRA glad that I was able to share it with my guy!!!!!  :)  and while my life is still a work in progress.... and I guess it always will be.... I really feel like I am evolving in the right direction.... a direction filled with clarity, peace and a greater appreciation for space!!!!  :)  be sure to head over and check out Nicole's shot for this week too....

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  1. There is so much to this picture (and the blog) that wasn't told. This picture was taken at the end of a very rainey--dreary day. In all accounts it was a "wasted" day...

    To understand that, you need to know a little bit about the days that led up to this moment.

    We were in Hawaii on a "vacation" and everyday that we had been there it had rained off and on. The day we planned to get out and "explore" it rained ALL DAY LONG! When you are on vacation and you have limited days---a "rain-out" is some serious business!!!

    Well my Best Buddy and I tried our hardest to make the best of this "wasted day"...what we found...was the most beautiful sunset that we have probably ever shared together!

    I guess what I am trying to add here is the attitudes we often take with time AND SPACE (because if you really think about it they are the same)!

    Shelly and I could have gone back to our room and "vegged-out" in front of the TV...moaning and groaning about our "wasted day" in paradise...instead we embraced the situation--just like we have so many times before.

    So when you look at this picture think about your time and space...is it something that you take for granted and possibly miss the beauty...or is it something that you embrace and find the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen--with the most beautiful person in your life?

    Just like our vacation...we all have limited days........



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