..... life is all about perspective!!!! And everyone's perspective is different!!!! That is what I love about photography... It is a reflection of the inner ME!!!! I capture what I see the way that I see it.... and I love how others view the same thing so differently!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive...................

HOLY COW!!!!!  Can't believe that it is almost Thanksgiving.... and Christmas is just right around the corner and then 2011 is gone.....  this year has really flown by faster that I wanted it to!!!!  The years seem to get shorter as I get older!!!  :)  This weeks word for Nicole and I is tangled.......  and the first thing that came to my mind was the quote above!!!!  I have always tried to live my life projecting the true me....  I am what I am....  like it or not..... take it or leave it!!!!  Someone much wiser than me once told me... "be careful what you say and do....  because the lie that you tell today will become the life that you have to live tomorrow!!"  And over the years that has been proven to be true....  I have experienced that in my life.... and witness it daily in the lives of others!!!  I really have no time to tangle my life up in deception.....  but lately I seem to be surrounded folks who apparently NEED to deceive....  they embellish..... stretch the truth soooo much that they have lost sight of who they really are!!!!  They have become so tangled in their own lies that they have lost track of what is truth and what is deception.......  and just like the ol black widow in my shot........  they try to lure those around them into their web of lies..... tangle them up in their drama and mistruths!!!  I don't really think that their intention is bad.....  I actually think that they are searching.... for happiness....  acceptance maybe........  and they feel that they have to be deceptive for others to like them.... accept them....  when in reality....  it is the truth and ONLY the truth that will set you free!!!!  I believe that a simple truthful authentic life is the key to happiness....  no stress....  no getting all tangled up in trying to remember what lie you told to who....  Yep.... I believe that God means for us to live a tangle-free life!!!!  A life where we embrace and accept the path that He has planned for us!!!   Be sure to head over and check out Nicole's shot for this week too!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


All it takes is a little bit of water and sunshine
To make a big tree grow
And every tree was a little bitty seed at one time
It just takes time, you know

And patiently they lay in hope
And God provides the rest
All we really need
Is the faith of a little seed

This week the word for Nicole and I is FAITH!!!!  I LOVE this word!!!!  :)  My shot this week could have been of just about anything....  cause I'm a believer in this word on soooo many levels!!!!  As a matter of fact.... it would probably be safe to say that this word defines my life....  seriously!!!  So much that it is difficult to put into words just what faith means to me....  I view EVERYTHING through faith!!!  I have faith that people are good and fair (often times they prove me wrong... but at least we start out in the right place!!  :) ) I have faith that I can do ANYTHING that I put my mind to....  yep...  ANYTHING!!!!  I have faith that my life is gonna be what and where it needs to be...  no matter how many bumps and curves are in the road... I have faith that I am on the road I NEED to be on!!!  I have faith in all of these things BECAUSE I have faith in God!!!!  Now, a lot of folks may not believe that to be true.... and that's okay.... I'm not a "pew warmer"...  I don't believe that God keeps a running total of the number of hours you spend in a building with others who claim to be just like you...  THAT is the safe way...  the easy way......  I believe that God is with you ALWAYS.... that your greatest moments of faithfulness are the ones that no one really see's!!!!  They are the LITTLE moments....  the little seeds of love, hope, kindness and yes FAITH that we drop along the path of our lives!!!  They are the smile to a stranger in the elevator.... the pocket change that you drop into the hand of a homeless man....  the friendly conversation that you have with the kind old guy who bags your groceries....  the moment when someone reaches out to you.... knowing that they can trust you....  and that you will not judge them!!!  I believe that these tiny seeds of faith that we drop along the way will be nurtured by God....  even if its just in the form of a thought from those who's lives we touch along our daily path!!!  And just like I have faith in God and His direction and purpose for my life.... I want the people who's lives that I touch to have faith in me!!!!  I want them to believe that I come from a place of goodness and that I am a trustworthy and reliable person....  because I truly believe that once others see those characteristics in me.... those tiny seeds of faith and hope and love that I have shared with them can begin to grow!!!  Just like the little seed in my shot!!!  Yep....  this is pretty much how I see things.....  It is up to us to plant those seeds... and have faith that God WILL provide the rest!!!!  :)  Be sure to head over and check out Nicole's shot for this week too!!!! 

Friday, November 4, 2011


Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.........

Okay.........  so LAST WEEKS word for Nicole and I was RELAX!!!!!  I did some serious struggling with this word....  thus the week late post!!!!  And I think that it was even one of my words.... what the heck was I thinking???!!!!  I will admit that the VERY first thing that came to my mind was the song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood....  I know.... I should be ashamed!!!!!  This weeks shot was soooo hard for me because I really DON'T relax like most folks.....  there are no days filled with lounging on the couch watching TV....  if I sit down to watch TV my mind is racing..... thinking about all the crap that I need to do....  all the things that I would rather be doing!!!  I don't have "spa days" or run off to get my nails or hair done.....  there are no days spent sitting and reading....  NOPE.... I am always doing something!!!!  BUSY....  yep....  I am always busy!!!!  And I like it that way!!!  The things that I find relaxing would probably be considered work for most folks....  I find peace in doing things......  gardening..... aaaaahhhh!!!!  working in my yard is pure bliss for me!!!!  LOVE digging in the dirt!!!  I ALWAYS have!!!  :)  running........  THAT is my most relaxing thing!!!!  When I'm running EVERYTHING falls into place....  things become clear in my head........  I solve ALL my problems when I'm running.....  that is relaxation to me!!!  I do occasionally (usually because my legs are sore from running) find time to soak in the tub....  and someday.... I will soak in the tub that is in my shot for LAST week!!!!  yep.......  it is an AWESOME claw foot tub....  that currently only has 3 feet!!  :)  and will need to be refinished.... someday!!!  :)  and did I mention that the other person that lives in this house has more irons in the fire than I could EVER handle!!!!  Bless his heart....  yep my hubby is one crazy busy guy...  makes me tired just thinking about all the things that he has going on!!!  Maybe he should have the FIRST soak in said tub!!!  :) heeheehee!!!  be sure and head over and check out Nicole's shot for this week too!!!! 


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I'm a simple girl, in a complicated sorta way.... love to buy shoes... but hate to wear them!! :) I am drawn to light!!! In life and in my photography.... it fills my soul.... it makes me happy... it takes my breath away!!! So welcome to the world inside my head.... captured one photo at a time!!! :)